How is IRSF committed?

Develop a protective barrier to unwanted premium-rate termination calls

International Revenue Sharing Fraud (IRSF) is the most persistent type of fraud within the telecom industry. Fraudsters often utilize illegal resources to gain access to an operator’s network in order to bring traffic to phone numbers obtained from an International Premium Rate Number provider.
This is the most challenging fraud to eliminate due to the complexity of the mobile network system and the involvement of multiple operators, usually its perpetuated by organized groups using illegal connections to bring a large volume of calls into high cost 'revenue share' service numbers, taking advantage on the roaming capabilities of SIM cards.

The techniques used to perform this fraud is associated with:

  • Call generation to international or premium numbers or range of numbers, artificially inflating traffic with no intention to pay for the calls;

  • The fraudster receives a share of the revenue generated by the termination charges obtained for inbound traffic of the international or premium number ranges called;

  • International and Premium Rate Service numbers called in IRSF incidents usually are not part of official national numbering plans in order to avoid an easy B-numbers identification;

  • Targeting destinations that belong to the national numbering plan with high termination rates although most often these calls are shortly stopped;

  • Carried out in conjunction with subscription fraud, PBX hacking or SIM cloning in order for the fraudster to obtain access to the network services required to generate calls.

How can we detect IRSF?

Get around the issue of blocked international premium rate numbers

RAID.Cloud IRSF application, is an already pre-configured Fraud Management Application, which allows you to audit and control all traffic CDRs generated at the network switches in six distinct criteria:

International High Usage
Identify and alarm the cases where generated traffic to international hot-listed numbers is abnormal;

PRS High Usage
Identify and alarm the cases where the generated traffic to international and national premium rate is abnormal;

Identify the cases where the subscribers is using multiple IMEIs with the same MSSIDN in a short period of time;

SIM Swap
Identify the scenarios where the subscribers replaces existing SIM cards by a new SIM in a short period of time;

Identify behavior with deviations from a regular usage for international hot-listed numbers, in a particular period, when compared with the average of a previous period;

IPRN Prediction
Identify the scenarios where calling numbers are similar with known IPRN numbers in a short period.

Wedo’s experience shows that if no effective anti-fraud control is in place, sooner or later an operator will be hit by a major fraud problem. So as the number of subscribers, distribution channels, and enhanced services grow, and more complex fare structures are put in place, an effective fraud management system is essential to minimize losses. RAID.Cloud uses near real-time exchange of records on both voice and data, providing the detailed data required to detect complex and more subtle fraud patterns quickly, allowing to reduce fraud detection time and losses typically by 90% or more.

Here is the way of doing it

Actively monitor for calls to suspicious locations is key

International Revenue Share Fraud

Is your business impacted by IRSF attacks? We have the solution


What are the advantages of detecting Premium Rate Services?

Identify and mitigate your fraud losses

  • Protects your revenues and company reputation delivering a competitive advantage through the detection of frauds allowing you to take the proper action to solve it;

  • Shorter time to market, register and start;

  • Improved customer experience using an accumulated understanding of fraud trends to only identify actual fraud incidents rather than “false positives”;

  • Time to detection down to a few minutes, enables quick reaction minimizing revenue leakage leading to a rapid return on investment;

  • Subscribe one or more apps and built your customized Fraud Management solution according to your needs and budget.

How does RAID.Cloud keeps up with IRSF?

Stay updated with the new fraud trends and types of attacks

  • Next-generation services configured out-of-the-box to provide full coverage of International Revenue Share Fraud;

  • Alarm management with a graphical dashboard and insightful email notifications, allows you to take instant awareness of all possible fraud types and behaviors with recommended mitigation;

  • Detailed alarm status provides to the fraud analysts the ability to perceive the scope of the alarm, but also to mark them if analyzed, helping them to manage their workload;

  • Detection engines that continually evolve based on the latest fraud trends;

  • Built-in Hotlist of know fraud numbers and countries provided according to GSMA recommendations;

  • Allows you to add records in Risky Destinations, External Fraudsters and Subscription Fraudster hotlists;

  • Whitelist of known customers with abnormal behavior already identified as non-fraudulent to skip the detection engines and reduce false-positives;

  • Control rules thresholds with near real-time alerts associated.

International Revenue Share Fraud

Is your business impacted by IRSF attacks? We have the solution