What is the Service Assurance app?

A unique tool that goes where no TCG has ever gonne before.

In today's networks, delivering superior customer experience and service quality depends on too many variables. CSPs often risk service quality without adequate testing which results in high maintenance costs and increased chances of failure and customer dissatisfaction. WeDo Technologies Service Assurance app allows CSPs across the globe to meet their network testing requirements by leveraging social crowding to reduce time and effort in testing service quality and reliability.

About Drive Testing

Take advantage of common smartphones to conduct crowdsourcing test programs

As applications are more widely distributed and require more bandwidth, networks grow and become more complex; and at the same time multiple applications running on smartphones now with the explosion in consumption impact on the quality perceived by end user.
Service Assurance app data collection is based on crowdsourcing and gamification reward programs. There is no survey required, just user consent for an application to run and collect information to analyze service performance. This allows CSPs to collect and analyze data in a central cloud repository about service quality and reliability using regular smartphones. The application allows for the definition of custom time triggers for real-time testing of multiple call and data services, thus assuring the overall performance of the network (QoS) and the customer experience while using the provided services (QoE).

Network testing made simple

Connect multiple devices and trigger national or international test events

RAID.Cloud Service Assurance is a distributed test platform for mobile communications providers, making use of the cloud and the growing computing power of smartphones to: drive tests, prevent revenue leakages & fraud, monitor network performance and gather device & application analytics.

Our solution is based on two components - one central console to create, evaluate, schedule and analyze the out coming of the tests, and an android application to execute the tests while smartphones are idle, leveraging the growing computing power of these devices. This can be used by your workforce, or even your own customers, to help you to enhance your offer to the market.

Service Assurance App

Do you know what your customers experience using your network?


Wide range of test coverage

Cutting-edge solution that delivers powerfull information

  • Handle drive-testing and test call generation more efficiently;

  • No infrastructure costs (Cloud based);

  • Obtain metrics from any geographic location;

  • Prevent revenue losses due to missing records or incorrect billing;

  • Use your workforce to improve services, reliability and offer;

  • Save time with fully automated test scheduling;

  • When used with customers you can enhance your marketing campaigns through the study of customer habits like used apps, device storage, battery usage and most used communications services.

Efficient "Drive-testing" for better QoE & QoS

Manage and push test events anywhere in the world

  • Real-time testing for multiple call and data services e.g. voice, SMS, MMS, HTTP, content download/upload and radio signal measurements;

  • Tests Completeness, Accuracy, and Timeliness of CDR processing for Auditing the Complete Revenue Chain;

  • User friendly web enabled GUI to configure and set up call schemes and call status reporting;

  • Ability to set up call schedules with several parameters; flexible call definition process;

  • Scales from single unit to unlimited number of portable units distributed geographically;

  • Monitors network performance;

  • Performs device & application analytics;

Service Assurance App

Do you know what your customers experience using your network?