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Protect your business from prepaid account manipulation stopping fraudsters from illegally modifying account balances and account types

Raid Cloud PrePaid Fraud
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What is PrePaid Fraud?

Prepaid fraud can have an huge impact in operators with a large prepaid subscribers base due to the multiple actors that can be involved in those fraud scenarios, customers, employees, dealers and suppliers. This type of frauds often occurs from technical errors or system manipulation: IN, Voucher Management Systems (VMS), HLR, Billing among others.

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How does our PrePaid Fraud App works?

The app allows to audit all the recharges to identify high number of occurences, repeated recharges, unexpected recharge amounts and the usage of scratch cards already used or not yet sold in the market.As part of the process RAID.Cloud identifies account abuses related to anauthorized airtime transfers, unexpected changes in account balance and abnormal account type migrations .This data, is then submitted for analysis and algorithm detection, which then proceed to suggest on all necessary steps that analysts (of any skill level-set) to get instant insights into the current and the latest fraud risks.

Why use the PrePaid Fraud App?

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Understand how loss, recovered and prevented amounts evolve and use those insights to fine tune your system and ensure compliance with your SLAs

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Drill down to root cause analysis and make better decisions faster

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Address all kinds of fraud with the power of a built-in rules library combined with insights gathered from advanced artifical intelligence techniques

  • Key Benefits

  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Shorter time to market, register and start
  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Protects your revenues and company reputation
  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Detects fraud behaviors and identifies the proper actions to solve it.
  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Reduces detection times down to just a few minutes
  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Quick return on investment

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RAID.Cloud delivers instant revenue leakage reduction and fraud prevention.

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