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What is Subscription fraud?

Subscription fraud involves obtaining customer information required for signing up to a new telecommunication contract or service with a valid authorization but without any intention to pay for the products and services used. Subscription fraud is often categorized as bad debt rather than fraud. Operators globally estimate that nearly 40% of all bad debts are actually subscription fraud.

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How Subscription Fraud works?

This is the starting point for many other telecoms fraud scams and as such is recognized as the most damaging of all non-technical fraud types. Perpetrators don’t just stop with obtaining legitimate service illegitimately, they usually use it as a precursor to other types of fraud such as Premium Rate Fraud and International Revenue Share Fraud, which are lethal in their own right. The real impact of this type of fraud is difficult to measure because it does not stop with revenue loss alone. The effects can be catastrophic in terms of escalating complaints, poor customer experience, dissatisfaction among support staff, and diminishing investor confidence.

Why use Subscription Fraud App?

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Identify ilegal access to your services

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Provides fingerprinting capabilities predicting damaging behaviors

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Reduce revenue loss

  • Key Benefits

  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Protect revenue and company’s reputation
  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Helps to prevent and anticipate fraudulent behaviors
  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Improves the customer experience
  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Identify and classify fraudulent activities when they occur in near real time
  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Quick return on investment.

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