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Anticipate fraud by monitoring your customers service usage

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What is High Usage?

High usage scenarios can’t be considered as a fraud scenario for the telecom operators. However, from the analysis of these scenarios it is possible to get some indicators, which combined with others, can be useful in anticipating future fraud. These kinds of controls are already a huge help in monitoring service abuse by subscribers.

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How does the High Usage app works?

The high usage application contains several engines and for each engine there are different rules that are used to identify possible fraudulent behaviors perpetrated by subscribers or inbound roamers. Each audited entity is classified according to a segmentation structure as defined in the solution. The segmentation determines the logical division of the entities into segments that may be used in detection or correlation in order to create more accurate rules focused on each segment level and value. A set of detection flows are constantly running, aggregating and evaluating the rules thresholds defined by the fraud analyst. Once the defined traffic pattern thresholds are reached, alerts are raised.

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Why use the High Usage App?

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Prevent and anticipate fraudulent behavior

Raid Cloud Reason 1

Increase revenue by making roaming traffic more secure

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Shorter time to market

  • Key Benefits

  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Protects revenue and company reputation
  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Enhances fraud detection of other apps
  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Increases revenue by making roaming traffic more secure
  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Quick return on investment
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