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What is Roaming Fraud?

Roaming fraud occurs when a subscriber moves from their home public mobile network to a visited public mobile network, and uses services without intending to pay for them. This makes the home network responsible for the subscriber usage and costs incurred, and is one of the most common types of fraud perpetrated today. Fraudsters take advantage of operators’ inefficient data roaming exchanges to produce high-cost international revenue share calls through premium rate numbers, which ultimately rely on operators and subscribers to pay for. As the process to analyze this information is cost, time and labor intensive, usually the local-home network swallows the huge revenue loss, even though it’s not their fault.

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How does our Roaming Fraud App works?

The RAID.Cloud Roaming Fraud App uses powerful data capture methods to gather all relevant data, no matter where it’s stored, the app is an already pre-configured Fraud Management Application, which allows you to audit and control the Inbound and Outbound network traffic through the analysis of TAP and NRTDE file.
This information is captured in near-real-time, NRTDE files are created with a maximum delay of 4 hours compared with the traffic generated in the network, data is then ingested by RAID.Cloud and analyzed by our detection engines and risk hotlists.
This data, is then submitted for analysis and algorithm detection, which then proceed to suggest on all necessary steps that analysts (of any skill level-set) to get instant insights into the current and the latest roaming fraud risks.

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Why use the Roaming Fraud App?

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Detects fraud patterns through centralized data gathering and analysis.

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Evaluates traffic volume to identify high usage consumption.

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Identifies events related with traffic to known fraudsters.

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