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Raid Cloud Digital Risk Profile
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What is Digital Risk Profile?

Digital Risk Profile is the ultimate technology for information assessment based on public social data, providing a comprehensive set of applications specifically designed to achieve 360-degree real-time visibility of a person or entity, providing information and allowing to enhance customer evaluation platforms.

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How does Digital Risk Profile App work?

RAID.Cloud Digital Risk Profile delivers instant information to profile users or companies, by being able to access via browser or REST API, it allows organizations to enhance their line of business solutions with real-time information, either to identity scammers, customer/employee screening or attempts to conceal an identity, which often indicates a strong likelihood of financial loss, enhancing both risk and compliance assessments.

Why use the Digital Risk Profile App?

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Integration with third party data sources to provide added value information to existing applications.

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Prebuilt models to identify common illegal profiles and activities.

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Machine-learning models that evolve and detect devious behavior patterns.

  • Key Benefits

  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Make fast and evidence-based decisions.
  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Increases the speed and efficiency of threat research and analysis.
  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Improves identity verification avoiding potential violations.
  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Get added value information up-to-the-minute in seconds.
  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Real-time threat intelligence in a single view.

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