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Leverage crowd-sourced social data to reduce time and effort in testing network service quality and reliability.

Raid Cloud Service Assurance
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What is Service Assurance?

Testing networks to assure quality and customer experience, as been up to now a hardware and software costly operation, resulting in high maintenance costs. As networks grow and become more complex, cloud services becomes vital to achieve these tasks efficiently and software and hardware agnostic.

How does the Service Assurance App works?

RAID.Cloud Service Assurance is a distributed test platform for mobile communications providers, making use of the cloud and the growing computing power of smartphones to: drive tests, prevent revenue leakages and fraud, monitor network performance and gather device and application analytics. Developed from scratch with crowdsourcing capabilities, allows organizations to make use of their workforce or customers to enrich companies service portfolio and feedback from the field.

Why use the Service Assurance App?

Raid Cloud Reason 1

Comprehensive device & application analytics based on QoS and QoE indicators.

Raid Cloud Reason 1

Easy to configure, push and set up call schemes to run on crowdsourcing models.

Raid Cloud Reason 1

Use of common smartphones as test event devices, no need for investment.

  • Key Benefits

  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Handle drive-testing and test call generation efficiently.
  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon No infrastructure costs (Cloud based).
  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Allows you to obtain metrics from any geographic location.
  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Saves time with fully automated test scheduling.
  • Raid Cloud checkbox icon Use your workforce to improve services, reliability and offer.

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RAID.Cloud delivers instant revenue leakage reduction and fraud prevention.

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